igal2 - history

History of igal

igal was originally developed by Eric Pop, the last version maintained by Eric was version 1.4 released on February 3, 2003. In April 2003 I made some changes and enhancements to version 1.4 and asked Eric Pop if he's willing to accept them for the next igal version. I got no answer, so I decided to put my version on the web, as I found that my changes could be useful for others too.
The original igal homepage was at http://www.stanford.edu/~epop/igal/ (which seems not to work anymore).

Between 2003 and 2008 I maintained igal as a fork from the last official version 1.4 and called it igal-wt up to version 1.4.7. As the debian maintainer of the igal package and several other people asked me if I'm willing to keep igal "alive", in November 2008 I decided to continue my fork as igal2 from now on.

A lot of code cleanup and development was done in igal2, but this breaks backward compatibillity with the older versions (up to 1.4) of igal. So if you migrate to igal2 please be sure to delete any old igal templates!

New functions and cleanups compared to version 1.4

I've changed the manpage to explain this a bit more in detail. Please note that I changed the indextemplate.html file, as well as others. That means that when running the new version of igal in a directory with an existing igal index-template of an previous version, the results will be insufficient. Therefore these files should be removed before.

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