igal2 - image gallery generator

igal2 (the successor of igal) is a quick and easy program for placing your images online with just one command-line. It generates a pretty good-looking set of W3-compliant static HTML slides even with its default settings. The slide show preloads the next image with JavaScript - ideal for slower links.
To try it out just run igal2 in a directory with jpg, gif or png files and check the output in a web browser. You can adjust the appearance of the image gallery with the many options listed on the features page or (if you know a bit of HTML) by modifying the .indextemplate2.html, .slidetemplate2.html, .directoryline2.html and igal2.css files that appeared in your image directory. igal2 also checks for the existence of a $HOME/.igal2 directory where users can store their own templates, overriding the site-wide /usr/local/lib/igal2.
To check out what standard igal2 pages look like and how the generated pages work see the igal2 sample page

igal2 needs Perl to run and it also relies on a few other programs that come standard with most Linux distributions. It relies on the ImageMagick package first if available, otherwise it falls back onto cjpeg/djpeg/pnmscale for processing jpg files. The command convert of the ImageMagick package is required to process gif and png files and the identify command enables igal to include IMG HEIGHT and WIDTH tags in the HTML it generates.