igal2 - features

igal2 features

As already mentioned on the start page igal2 is a quick and easy program for placing your images online with just one command-line. It generates a pretty good-looking set of W3-compliant static HTML slides even with its default settings.

For a complete list of features please see the feature list of the igal2 help page:

Syntax:  igal2 [-option -option ...]
Options:     -a           write image sizes under thumbnails on index page
             -c           first generate and then use captions
             -C           like -c, but preserve file names as captions
             -d <dir>     operate on files in directory <dir> (.)
             -f           force thumbnail regeneration
             -h           displays this brief help; same as --help
             -i <file>    name of the main thumbnail index file (index.html)
             -k           use the image captions for the HTML slide titles
             -m <file>    Automatically add watermark to each image
             -n           use image file names for the HTML slide files
             -p <n>       cellpadding value of thumbnail index tables (3)
             -r           omit the film reel effect altogether
             -s           make no HTML slides, link thumbnails to images
             -t <n>       height of the film reel tiled image (21)
             -u           write captions under thumbnails on index page
             -w <n>       rows in thumbnail index are <n> images wide (5)
             -x           omit the image count from the captions
             -y <n>       scale all thumbnails to the same height <n> (75)
             --ad         like -a, but write only the image dimensions
             --as         like -a, but write only the file size (in kbytes)
             --bigy <n>   like -y, use it if you have very large image files
             --con <>     options to pass to convert or cjpeg (e.g. -quality N)
             --help       displays this brief help; same as -h
             --www        make all iGal files world-readable
             --xy <n>     scale thumbs to <n> pixels in their longer dimension
	     --dest <dir> Destination directory for the helper files 
			  (thumbnails, slides, etc.) igal generates. This is
			  relative to the operative directory -d and has to be
			  one level below (.)
	     --AddSubdir  If igal finds further directories beneath your image
	     	          directory -d, it will generate HTML Links in the 
			  index file (index.html) to this directories. 
		 	  Default is (off). Directories given with --dest or 
			  starting with a "." will be ignored.
			  Note: igal will not work recursively, it just adds
                          HTML links to the directories below.
             -m <file>    Automatically add watermark to each image - this
                          works well with a transparent .gif, but anything
                          can be used - edit the "composite" line later on
                          to adjust visibility/position of mark if required
                          Originals will be left with a .unmarked extension
             -o <dir>     Root URL of alternate location for the links to full
                          size images. Use this if your indexes will be in
                          a different location/server from the back end images
             --pagination <n> Maximum number of images on one page.
                          If the given number of images is reached a new page 
                          is started. Pagination number <n> should be a multiple 
                          of parameter -w (default 5).
                          Default 0 - means no pagination at all.
Note:         default values are given in parentheses (where applicable).
Authors:      Wolfgang Trexler <wt-igal@trexler.at>
              Eric Pop <epop@stanford.edu> (original igal)
              Stewart Addison <contactsxa@gmail.com>
URL:          http://igal.trexler.at/
Thanks:       If you really like iGal please see the THANKS file.